CBD seeds

We are producers of certified hemp seeds.
We have a research and development program which requires us to be
continuously improving and developing our hemp varieties.

¿How do we select our
CBD seeds?

  • Genetics traits
  • Production
  • Terpenes quality
  • Climatic resistances

Certified CBD seeds documentation

We are compliant with traceability and regulatory requirements

  • Seed registered company
  • Genetic analysis with independant laboratories
  • Germination test results performed by external companies
  • Plant passport with fytosanitary certification
  • Hemp sample collection protocol
  • Feeding tables recommendations for our strains

Lambada Light Shake CBD

Sativa 20%
Indica 80%
THC <0,2%
CBD 6% – 12%

Indoor production: 300 -450 m2
Outdoor production: 400 – 800 m2
Harvest time: End of september – early october

Hybrid variety indica dominance. It is a variety of about 58 days of flowering. Although it doesn’t have the highest levels of CBD of our catalogue, his strength is in the extraordinary profile of terpenes with fruity aromas of floral sweet strawberry and a wide range of cannabinoids. Which creates a high-value entourage effect. Easy to grow with high resistance to mold.

Shock Therapy CBD

Sativa 50%
Indica 50%
THC up to 0,36%
CBD 12% – 21%

Indoor production: 400 – 550 m2
Outdorr production: 500 – 1.200 m2
Harvest time: End of october

Hybrid variety, 50% indica / 50% sativa, with flowering between 60 and 65 days.
Shock Therapy features CBD: THC ratios up to 20: 1. It has fruity aromas with earthy nuances and a very interesting terpene profile.

Jane D‘arc CBD

Sativa 20%
Indica 80%
THC up to 0,38%
CBD 11% – 19%

Indoor production: 500 – 550 m2
Outdoor production: 450 – 1.000 m2
Outdoor production Mid september

Hybrid variety, 70% indica / 30% sativa, with 55 days of flowering. Jane D’ Arc was a fighter of her time with exceptional strength, just like our Jane D‘arc that develops large, dense buds with reddish and pink colors.

Club de productores

Si tienes invernaderos y estás interesado en empezar tu negocio relacionado con el cannabis sativa, nosotros podemos ayudarte a crecer:

  • Análisis de terrenos y climatología.
  • Consultoría sobre alimentación, métodos de cultivo, calendarios y todo lo necesario para que tu cultivo sea un éxito.
  • Información sobre las semillas más adecuadas para vuestro negocio.
  • Venta de semillas.
  • Ayuda a la comercialización de vuestro producto final.
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