CBD products derived from hemp

At Seventips we are passionate about CBD, our objective is to develop CBD products of the highest quality, 100% natural and ecological, complying with all the regulations of the sector.

We firmly believe that the CBD is beneficial for people and the planet and that by promoting it we are doing our bit to try and make the world a little better.

CBD oils

Our line of CBD (Cannabidiol) extracts and oils rich in CBD are made from the best hemp in Europe and are available in a wide range of concentrations to balance the body and enhance your well-being. Our extractions are always done from organic and biological crops to ensure the highest quality CBD products.

CBD oil Seventips


Format: 15 ml.

CBD oil from high purity hemp extract, combined perfectly with olive oil, which contributes to better absorption in the body as cannabidiol is a fat-soluble substance. Enhancing the relaxing and analgesic benefits of CBD, the mild flavor of olive oil makes our RELAX CBD oil ideal for incorporating into any time of the day.

5%750 mg.
10%1500 mg.
OrganicVegan and organicMild aroma
OilOlive oilTHC-freeNo THC
Rich in vitaminsRich in vitamins A and ECBDIsolated CBD
CBD oil Synergy


Format: 15 ml.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is a high quality oil that preserves the original CBD of the plant along with the rest of its cannabinoids, offering together an effective synergy action. Indicated for those who are already familiar with CBD and looking for the benefits of all the cannabinoids working together.

3%450 mg.
10%1500 mg.
OrganicVegan and organicStrong flavourRich aroma
OilHemp oilCBDFull spectrum
CBD oil Inner Wellness

Inner Wellness

Format: 10 ml.

Ecological virgin CBD oil made by cold pressed hemp seeds, which gives it a more natural and authentic vegetable aroma. Hemp oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids, acting as a natural antioxidant with a high moisturizing effect.

5%500 mg.
10%1000 mg.
15%1500 mg.
OrganicVegan and organicMedium flavourMedium aroma
OilHemp oilTHC-freeNo THC
CBDIsolated CBD

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