Seventips, your reliable CBD company.

We develop hemp products with the maximum standards of quality and innovation, focusing in the development of CBD products for agriculture and wellness.

Seventips CBD genetics

Genetic R&D

We develop hemp certified seeds at the forefront of the sector.

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Hemp Production Seventips

Hemp Production

We collaborate with farmers through consultancies and selling their hemp production.

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Seventips CBD extractions

CBD Extractions

Products with GMP certification and fully complying with current legislation.

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Producto de consumo Seventips

Consumer CBD brand

We develop products based on CBD tested in laboratories and of the highest quality.

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Certified CBD seeds

Your tranquility is our tranquility

We select our seed varieties based on their genetic traits, biomass production, terpenes and climatic resistance. We have all the registers and governmental certifications that assure a maximum quality of the seed.

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Farmer? Do you want to join our club?

Si estás interesado en cultivar nuestras variedades podemos ayudarte a crecer con nosotros. If you are interested in growing our strains, we can help you to scale up. We offer advise base don your needs, regulatory and also in the commercialization of your hemp production.

Seventips CBD seeds

CBD extractions

We only work with GMP laboratories that guarantee the maximum quaility during the extraction of our oil destillations and CBD powders. We use our own CBD biomass, ensuring an strict quality process and the traceability of the final product.

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CBD Products – Bran

In Seventips we love CBD, our objective is to provide a high quaility product 100% natural and being compliant with all the regulations of the sector.

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CBD oils Seventips

sobre CBD

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